Cava Menzies | Nick Phillips: Moment to Moment


“The ballads album Miles Davis never recorded." Lee Hildebrand, East Bay Express


“On a blindfold test, a good guess might be: ‘Chet Baker’…soft, rich, open horn tone...A fabulous CD, the kind that find their way onto the "Best of Year" lists. ★★★★★” —Dan McClenaghan, All About Jazz

“…pristine and moving trumpet sound…Phillips nods to his predecessor’s (Chet Baker's) fragility but also imparts a feeling of strength that comes through a sense of restraint. ★★★★ ” —DownBeat (Best Jazz Albums of 2014)

“...This gem feels timeless. It's a stunner...." —DownBeat (Editors’ Pick, Best Jazz Albums of 2104)

“Spare, lyrical, beautiful and elegant…” (Best Jazz Release of 2014)—Ken Franckling’s Jazz Notes

"...spellbinding, turn-the-lights-down-low ballad performances that call to mind Miles Davis-esque moodiness and Chet Baker-ish romanticism and longing."  —Dan Bilawksy, All About Jazz

“…the vibe as Phillips floats mournfully over Menzies’ generally livelier licks is that of two lovers sharing a dance at closing time.” —M Music & Musicians

“It’s hard to explain how exceptionally beautiful this album is. Strongly recommended to all jazz collections." —CD HotList

“The songs are familiar but the fresh arrangements, relaxed pace and soft touch imparted by the leaders makes this a standout recording.” —O's Place Magazine

“…a beautiful album…covers a broad range of emotions and colors across the breadth of the repertoire, owing much to Chet Baker and, not surprisingly, the cooler side of Miles Davis.” —

“This is a late night jazz club, a hush over the crowd, one ballad after the other, and each song breaking somebody’s heart…just the kind of music for kicking back and drifting off…” —Emusic  

" …Phillips and Menzies let the music breathe, contrasting every sound they make with silence, showing that they are both masters of restraint." —Jazz Inside Magazine




Jenny Maybe | Nick Phillips: Haiku


“…Billie Holiday and Chet Baker…Haiku is in the same league.” Classicalite


"Much like the poetry from which it takes its name, there's a minimalist gravity to Haiku...The album specializes in moments of fragile tension, with forlorn trumpet whispers and delicately rendered vocals." —DownBeat

"[Haiku is] an album that values heart over head and beauty over brawn, pointing to the fact that Nick Phillips has found an artistic soul mate in Jenny Maybee." All About Jazz

"...a thrilling, intimate, very delicate dialogue...close to perfection."—Jazz Quad

"[Nick Phillips']  is a thoughtful improviser with a unique approach to creative music...[his] moody trumpet improvisations frequently take unexpected turns...[Haiku's] understated mix of vocals and instrumentals should appeal to jazz fans of both genres."Jazz History Online

“...eloquent and otherworldly simpatico...there is a superb and almost balletic dancing that takes place. It’s as if the music melts into dance and this results in a dizzying and beautiful interplay that is riveting...among the most sincere and poised accounts of song that a duo have produced in a long time.”Jazz DaGama

The title of this CD suggests an ambiance of gentle contemplation and that could be accurate generally as Phillips’ muted trumpet work suggests Miles Davis’ sparseness. His playing combines happily with Maybee’s wistful vocals."—Cadence